Tuesday, 25 November 2003

JFK - 40 years on

Well it is now over 40 years on and still the debate rages. Sunday night saw another programme on the topic ("The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy" on BBC2), and it seems that most people who saw it have now accepted that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin as freely as they previously accepted that there was a conspiracy behind Kennedy's murder.

Even my best friend Neil and I were talking about this on the phone last night. We took opposite views on the subject, during which time I suggested the following (points which I had made elsewhere on Monday):

A few things that have come to mind upon what I've seen of last night's programme so far (not seen it all, but taped it).

1) Why did it take 40 years for it to come out that Connelly was sitting below and just inside of JFK? Why the need for the whole "Magic Bullet Theory" as reported by the Warren Commission?

2) In like manner, why is it only now that Oswald's record as a "sharpshooter" has come to light? Again, why shoot him from behind when the easier shot for a lone gunman is when the motorcade approaches the School Book Depository from Houston Street?

3) If Oswald was the assassin how on earth could the authorities let someone into the building holding him with a gun? Think about it, when we go to a football game involving a "notorious" opponent we all get searched. Yet in a far more serious situation (security-wise) and with far fewer people one person gets through and manages to get off a fatal shot at the alleged assassin. Bit convenient, no?

4) If there was no other shooter why have so many people who have testified otherwise gone missing or died in suspicious circumstances?

What worries me more than anything else is the way a lot of people stop thinking logically about things. The facts behind the assassination will not result in JFK regaining his life, or anyone being convicted of the crime. However if people stop thinking logically about things like this, what else might they stop thinking logically about?

It is time to look beyond what we are told, apply our minds to the information we have, step back and make logical, informed decisions over the things which matter most.

Wednesday, 19 November 2003

Being busy!

Why no update for so long? Well, there are a number of reasons. The main ones are:
  1. I keep forgetting to put relevant events here!
  2. I've actually been very busy lately.

Also at the moment I'm not feeling particularly well. Just run-down, pretty tired, slightly feverish. Lorraine's been pretty much the same. I've had to succumb to it and take some days off work, which I really didn't want to do.

I'll make a point to put more updates in here from now on, I promise!