Saturday, 23 September 2006

What's up?

Well, not much, as per usual, although needless to say I've been finding ways to amuse myself.

Prison Break, Series 2
After a few weeks of trying I finally managed to find some torrents that worked for this. I downloaded episode 1 (looks superb) and was downloading episode 2 when we had a power cut. This actually led to what I had downloaded being completely out of sync. Silas-esque! If it leads Tweener to eat some bread in a disgusting fashion the tribute will be complete.

The 2006 Ryder Cup
Ugh, I hate Sky sometimes. I'd love to be watching this over the weekend, but I'm not paying for Sky Sports to do that. Just... ugh.

At least I know the difference between foursomes and fourballs now. That's one good thing at least.

Blog tags
I've finally got these things figured out. Will have to go back over old posts and revise some of them. Hurrah!

Friends Coming To Visit
I've actually got some friends putting together plans for coming up here over the next few months. Neil's trying to organise something, while my old friend Claire and her husband James have confirmed a date but haven't booked their flights yet.

Can I be any more excited about this? Not really. I've got about three weeks holiday still to take at some point, so I've got loads spare for any visitors. Although I might need to use some of it to tidy up the office, which isn't looking too great just now.