Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Favourite Music Videos

Just thought I'd put these together following a recent podcast I listened to which spoke about some of the host's favourite music videos and how they were put together. One of the ones they mentioned was Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" which won plaudits for telling a story (another song did as well, but as they were unaware of the story the song was telling I've decided to overlook that one, especially when a better example from a similar era would have been Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach").

So anyway, here are my favourites. I don't claim that these are the best of all time by any means, but they're my favourites and ones which I like/remember for one reason or other. At least until an hour's time when I remember some ones which I've missed and end up repeating this post in a few months. Apologies in advance for any videos with lyrics, ones which may disappear and any which don't allow embedding (thanks for nothing, Sony).

Weird Al Yankovic - "You Don't Love Me Anymore"

If you haven't seen it before just watch it. Hard to pick just one Weird Al one, as I've enjoyed that many over the years. This one narrowly beats out "Amish Paradise" though.

Dire Straits - "Walk Of Life"

Only listed because when I was ten I probably wrecked my parents' sofa trying to recreate everything that takes place in this video. Special shoutout to the guy with the tambourine, who just beats out Bez from the Happy Mondays as looking the most out of place among any musicians ever.

Los Del Rio - "Macarena"

Actually listed for comedy value, having seen this at University about 10,000 times.


David Gray - "Be Mine"

Because I like people who can laugh at themselves.

Spandau Ballet - "Gold"

Everyone knows that the girl in the video is Sadie Frost now, right? Okay, now we've got that neccessity out of the way this video is mainly here for the song, and for the bongo playing which I've re-enacted on the steering wheel of probably every car I've ever driven (err, at least the ones I didn't learn to drive in).

(Embedding disabled, sorry.)

Delta Goodrem - "Lost Without You"

Not sure quite what it is about this video, but if I catch a glimpse of it I have to see it through to the end. I'll put this down to the atmosphere/ambience of the video and the little details like Delta taking her shoes off to play the piano.

(Embedding disabled, sorry.)

Dido - "White Flag"

Everyone knows I love this song by now I guess, but I love the video too. Not sure I had ever seen anyone make a tracksuit top look this good before this point either (and then Holly Valance smashed that in a Prison Break cameo). Lots of good little details to look out for there too.

(Embedding disabled, sorry.)

Gwen Stefani - "Cool"

My favourite video, for the combination of song, storytelling, creative content (what I've learnt is called "Match Cut" technique) and Stefani's willingness to go back to her natural hair colour (via a wig from what I've read).

What are your favourite videos? Any glaring ones I've missed? Post them in the comments.