Thursday, 24 January 2008

My Work Colleagues, They Know How I Feel

Got a cough that won't clear up, they know how I feel.
Think I've got a sty, they know how I feel.
And my neck is sore, they know how I feel.

It's the same place, sucks to work here,
Need a new job...

(And I'm feeeeeeeling GOOOOD!)

Sorry, January blues.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Remembering my step-grandfather

My step-grandfather died last month. He was 95, and due to the passing of my paternal and maternal grandfathers in my infancy effectively the only grandfather I ever knew.

He was a smart guy, and was capable of being captivating and personable. My guess is that I must have been six when I met him, and got to know him through an range of magic tricks.

As I got older I came to know him more as an educated reader, with a pretty substantial library. Our conversations became more complicated - not to mention more interesting - as time went by.

Just before his wife passed away I noticed a different side to him, one of a loving, caring husband. After she passed away he kept photos of her prominently where he lived. He clearly missed her. It was quite touching.

He was also a published author. Nothing major, just a small book about the history of a village where he lived. I need to get a copy of this somewhere, and somehow I think that a fitting tribute would be to make it into print myself. That's a matter for another time though.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Broadband Speed at Home

We got an invitation out for dinner last night. One of our hosts told us that they'd just had broadband installed. I asked what speed he had, and he told me it would initially be 1Mb, before going up to 4Mb.

According to various speed tests I can only get 0.5Mb. Still! It's the 21st century people, work on it!