Monday, 26 November 2007

The Best Thing About Flying With British Airways

Lorraine and I had a flight with British Airways a few weeks ago, which gave me the opportunity to pick up one of my favourite reads: Business Life.

Now while a few years ago the thought of me picking up any kind of dry business magazine would have probably horrified me, but this magazine is different. For one thing it isn't dry. There's a good mix of articles, the odd touch of humour, and a good combination of shorter columns with longer features.

If you re-read my last paragraph you'll see it doesn't actually say very much. Why exactly do I like this magazine? Simple - because every time I read it I feel like I learn something from it. Take this snippet from an interview with Eddy Joseph from the October issue:

"... your world is run by people: get on with them and don't rock the boat."

Duh! How obvious on reflection. When I'm fighting through red tape and procedures at work I can easily find myself forgetting about people. Simple. In the weeks since I read that I feel that has helped me already, and that is just one piece of wisdom from one edition. Like so many other things, it is something I knew already, but reminders of these simple truths every once in a while come in handy.