Thursday, 24 September 2009

What I Was Surfing Last Month

Every month I keep a little text file of any websites or online articles that grab my eye, then at the end of the month I categorise them and add them to a growing list of articles which have interested me. Most of these stay in offline records for reference, some get stored to my Diigo account, and some which I just like the look of get a screenprint taken and stashed away for ideas and/or inspiration.

However, this month, just to do something different, I thought I'd share it here. Given the way most links are displayed these days I don't think many of these require much explanation. N.B. Not all of these are strictly personal interest. Some of them are just things which I enjoyed reading. Also they weren't necessarily originally produced last month, but came to my attention for one reason or another at this time:

And the one I liked for looking nice...