Wednesday, 1 November 2006

An alarming evening

Got a phone call from Lorraine while I was at work yesterday afternoon, saying that there was a problem with the house alarm which was causing it to beep incessantly. It had done this before and eventually stopped, however this time when I got home it was still going.

We ended up having to phone an engineer, who came out and diagnosed the problem - a flat battery. The battery was replaced and before you could say "I'm skint this month", I was writing out a cheque for £105. Ouch. These things happen, just part of life. The timing could be better though (isn't that always the case?).

Haven't mentioned it here yet - we've got a new car. It is a Vauxhall Agila, not the most heralded of cars (to say the least) but the price was too good to ignore. It is compact but it does the job for us, I just hope it will be reliable. There's a small part of me which is worried that we got too good a deal (if that makes sense). It is three years old, had 15k on it (when we bought it) and is silver. At the moment it might almost tempt me into the weekend car washing community.