Sunday, 30 October 2011

SingStar Tennis: A Follow Up

In the unlikely event that anyone wanted a follow up of how the first ever game of SingStar Tennis went, here are the scores from the first game.

It took place between myself and my best friend Neil when he visited, with the contest actually taking place on Friday 7th October. As a kind host I let Neil "serve" first and therefore pick the first song. The songs and scores were as follows (person choosing the song, or "serving" is brackets):

1) Queen - We Are The Champions (Neil)

Neil won 7497-7181, Neil leads 1-0

2) Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out (Tony)

Tony 6363-6050, 1-1

3) The Scorpions - Wind of Change (Neil)

Neil 8554-8377, Neil leads 2-1

4) Kelly Clarkson - Since You Been Gone (Tony)

Tony 8129-3762, 2-2

5) Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds (Neil)

Neil 8089-7492, Neil leads 3-2

6) Toni Braxton - Unbreak My Heart (Tony)

Tony 7693-5391, 3-3

7) Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever (Neil)

Neil 8501-7696, Neil leads 4-3

8) Black - Wonderful Life (Tony)

Tony 9198-8791, 4-4

9) A-Ha - Sun Always Shines on TV (Neil)

Neil 8718-8507, Neil leads 5-4

10) Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You (Tony)

Tony 6873-6137, 5-5

11) The Proclaimers - Letter From America (Neil)

Tony 7537-7535, Tony leads 6-5 (break of serve!)

12) ABBA - The Day Before You Came (Tony)

Tony 8778-8211, Tony wins 7-5

Neil figured out afterwards that I had been much more tactical (honestly, "Who Let The Dogs Out" is a song we bought for our daughter), so I don't think he'll ever mention hating a song again. As he refused to sing Shayne Ward's "That's My Goal" as a forfeit I'll obviously have to buy him a Kelly Clarkson CD as a joke present to remind him of the fact that I beat him by 4367 on that one song.

I would also like to thank The Proclaimers for providing the most exciting SingStar moment to date (Scottish geography, literally FOR THE WIN!) and for ABBA for writing the most dependable song that I'm still unbeaten on (because almost nobody has ever heard of it).