Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Suggestions for New SingStar Releases

So after much waiting the PSN network is back with us and playing games on a Playstation 3 can return to some degree of normality. Then you read that Andrew Lloyd Webber songs are available for SingStar and you have to think that there must be some better options than that. So with that in mind here are three better ideas (at least in my opinion, if you disagree please suggest something different in the comments).

SingStar at the Movies

Wouldn't this work? If they can have other vague categories along with more structured ones like Motown then why not go down this route? You could easily find 25 great songs with cross male/female appeal from movies, or if you like 24 and John Waite's "Deal For Life" from "Days of Thunder" (I think I'm the only person who likes that and thinks it should be used in a cheesy party political broadcast).

SingStar: Beautiful South

Extensive back catalogue, and arguably even bigger if go back to the Housemartins and include them as well. Mixture of songs sung by men and women, quirky, funny stuff, and more than a few songs that a lot of people know. Certainly more than some that you see on the SingStore, mentioning no names (*cough* Eoghan Quigg *cough*)

SingStar: Eagles

My ultimate choice for the a new SingStar addition. An extensive back catalogue, full of classics, and also the ability to go into the solo work of the likes of Don Henley and Glenn Frey as well. Okay, so you're not getting any songs with female lead vocals, but that didn't stop them making SingStar editions for Take That or Queen, and arguably the songs are universal enough to appeal to everyone. I think this is clearly the the one which could have the most universal appeal (and unquestionably more than anything by Busted which presently exists in the SingStore).

Have any better ideas? Suggest them in the comments.