Thursday, 18 December 2008

Two Reasons Why I'm Going Nowhere

With another year set to draw to a close I have once again not left the country for foreign shores this year. Here are two pretty good reasons, brought to you by Travelex's rates today*:

1 Pound = 1.0765 Euros
1 Pound = 1.506 Dollars

(*I used Travelex's site as I've always found their online rate to be the most competitive for me as a customer. You're probably not seeing a rate much better than this anywhere else.)

At around this time last year you the £/$ rate was flirting with the $2. I was tempted to pick some dollars up, just on the off chance that I could use them, all because the rate was that good. I didn't, more's the pity.

While the Euro rate hasn't been as good I remember colleagues late last year saying about it being in the 1.40 region, and even in the summer you could get approximately 1.25 for every pound. Now it isn't far off being an even swap.

So before you even begin to think of things like dog-sitting, insurance costs and all the other extras that come with going on holiday, the exchange rate situation doesn't exactly make going overseas appealing right now. Call me choosy, but I like to get a bit of bang for my buck.

(And no, Turkey and Egypt don't appeal to me, but thanks for asking.)

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

MP3s Come to

Remember a while ago when I sang the praises of's download service? Well Amazon have joined the party in the UK and have dropped pricing and increased range even further. Prices for single tracks start at 59p and while the selection isn't that extensive at the moment I would imagine that will be changing. All tracks are DRM free.

Your move, iTunes.

Amazon launches music downloads [BBC News]