Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Updating for updating's sake!

Just a quick update, nothing too much to report. The World Cup is over, PTI and Around the Horn have vanished from NASN and Big Brother is always on in some form or another, so at least I won't be boring you with chat about what's on the TV at the moment.

I've been going through a bit of a thoughtful phase at the moment. The songs I've put on my .mp3 player are a bit more introspective, not the usual guff/comedy/wake-you-up material I normally have on.

Chloe is great at the moment, Cookie is good, Lorraine's sugars are all over the place (bit of a worry, to say the least). For the most part though things are good. I'm pretty busy nearly all the time. I should be even now, but this needs an update, so it is getting one!

Six years ago Lorraine and I were in Atlanta. Depressing to think about in a way. I know where I'd sooner be given the weather here lately.