Friday, 30 September 2011

SingStar Tennis

Next week should be a good week. My best friend is coming up, and seeking family friendly entertainment for the evenings with my oldest daughter it is likely that SingStar will get an airing. Or two. Or possibly fifteen.

So with that in mind I've thought of an idea for a bit of fun between myself and my best friend: SingStar Tennis.

Here's how it works. We both love playing in the duel mode, where we both sing at the same time and whoever gets the highest score wins. With SingStar Tennis I pick six songs and he picks six songs, and we each take turns to hold serve. If we get to 6-6 then we select shuffle, singing off against each other with a randomly selected song.

The winner gets to choose a song for the opponent to sing as a forfeit.

Now if you don't mind, I'm away to clear up my sore throat and practice all the Kelly Clarkson songs my best friend can't sing.