Monday, 5 January 2004

Happy New Year!

I've been quite good in updating this recently, until I realised that I haven't written anything since before Christmas. Not good - let's rectify that now.

Christmas - Santa (not to mention my wife, friends and family) were very good to me. Got just about everything I wanted, including the Palace away shirt and Madden 2004 (sleeping is over-rated, especially late at night).

New Year's Eve was quite quiet, but enjoyable. We started the evening round at Lucy's before making the customary annual visit to John and Liz Phillips (hospitality superb as always).

Lorraine and I both managed to pick up a horrible cold though. It has been really hurting my throat since New Year's Day. Being woken up after three and a half hours' sleep by the on-call phone didn't help either!

Happy New Year everyone!