Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Christmas is coming...

And I had the pleasure of spending most of the weekend shopping in various guises. On Saturday I relented away from my "I'm not going shopping at weekends between now and Christmas" stand that I took about a month ago, and regretted it the second that Lorraine and I were walking the streets in Glasgow. Ugh, just horrible.

On Sunday we got the bulk of our food shopping, plus we paid a quick trip into Pets At Home to get presents for Cookie. The price of dog beds now is phenomenal in my opinion, but we put money aside for him to cover him for presents/vet visits/etc. so it is covered. Plus he's eleven now and we want to enjoy him while we have him. Chloe's starting to really enjoy him, getting to be more and more gentle with him and giving him hugs. Pretty cute really.

I've got lots of photos I need to upload to Flickr at some point. I think when I do I'll try and put in a post here to give some background on them.