Monday, 23 July 2001

Tiny things please tiny minds!

Just one of those little things which makes you really happy on a Monday morning. My long-lost work mug turned up - no more chipped cups for me!

Last night was kinda dramatic. I got home from Church and I found Lorraine on the sofa, unresponsive. She wasn't taking in anything I was saying, and typically she didn't have her device which measures her sugar levels with her.

After unsuccessfully attempting to give her Lucozade and chocolate I decided to take her straight down to the hospital. Typically my back felt weak and so getting her into the car was a struggle.

I couldn't get her to sit up, so I just put her in the back, buckled her in and then drove off to the hospital with the driver's seat almost touching the steering wheel. It was far from comfortable but time was of the essence.

Anyway, I got her down to the hospital, where fortunately some porters were able to help me get her out of the car and into the hospital itself. Fortunately they were able to deal with it quite quickly and soon enough Lorraine was right as rain and complaining about the standard of hospital coffee (no change there!).

I still felt guilty for not being there when it all happened. If anything worse had happened to her I don't know what I would have done. I felt guilty enough as it was, I dread to think how bad it could have become.

Finally (for now!) my Stag Weekend is a matter of days away. Oddly it is the first one I've ever been on, and yet it is my own! I'm really looking forward to it but there is a bit of apprehension on my part too. The last Stag Night I heard about ended with the Groom being thrown in an industrial-sized bin, and I don't fancy that much!

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