Tuesday, 7 August 2007

This Is Why I Don't Shop In City Centres

One of the occupational hazards of working in Glasgow is that there are loads of shops around. You can't help but see them and walk past windows full of interesting items.

Today I was looking for some more CD-RWs. One of my current ones is a bit nicked-up, and on it's way out, so I wanted to get a replacement for burning podcasts onto and listening to in the car.

Normally I get my CD-RWs from a shop in Wishaw. The cost? 60p. Unfortunately I can't really get there during the week, so I took a look for them in Glasgow. After taking a look in two hard-to-find stores (one of the upsides of working in Glasgow, although they're a bit of a trek) which didn't have them I headed back to the city centre.

Finally I found some individual CD-RWs. The cost? £2.99! I think I'll wait until the weekend to get some more.

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