Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Road(s) to Chaos

There seem to have been a lot of roadworks in our area lately, but this week things have really gone too far.

Motherwell is ultimately an important place for Lorraine and I. She works there, while I get the train into work from there. There are effectively three ways we can get there, which are:

1) Downhill out of the village, briefly on the A71, then the A72 and then the M74.
2) Out of the village at the other end, through Wishaw, past the Caledonian Retail Park and down under the railway bridge.
3) As above, but carrying on through Wishaw, turning right onto Shields Road and carrying on down into Motherwell.

(Arguably there are other ways, but those are my three options).

At the moment route 1 has roadworks on the A71, route 2 has Glasgow Road closed at the Caledonian Retail Park, thus pushing most of the traffic from routes 1 and 2 onto route 3. It isn't very funny. In fact I would say it is ridiculously stupid planning. Lorraine and I went on route 3 yesterday morning and it took twice as long as normally. Even with allowing extra time I was nearly late for work.

Bit of forethought next time please road planners, and if the problem is due to the problem areas being separately in North and South Lanarkshire a bit of communication between the two councils would be welcome.
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