Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Prison Break Jumps the Shark

Well, I think my list of must-watch programmes has been reduced by one.

About five minutes into last night's episode on Sky One we saw what was in box sent to Lincoln - the severed head of Dr Sara Tancredi, my favourite character in the show.

Never mind that she was my favourite character in the show, this also seemed like a daft time to bump her off. In series two she survived a drug overdose, a secret agent turning up in her apartment trying to kill her, and then Agent Kellerman trying to drown her in a bathtub while also electrocuting her with a live iron.

Furthermore how come she is the one with her head cut off, while LJ (kidnapped with her) is seemingly fine?

Okay, so contract issues play a part in this, and actress Sarah Wayne Callies wasn't returning to the show, but the character deserved a better ending than this. It's a big shame.
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