Thursday, 22 July 2010

Facebook By Numbers (Redux)

About eighteen months ago I tallied up my then 40 friends on Facebook and broke it down. Now I've crossed 100 friends I'm doing it again, and probably never again because it is getting tricky and time-consuming to compile now. Anyway, here goes:

By nation:
Scottish - 65%
English - 21%
American - 13%
Other - 1% (Hi Sally!)

Female - 67%
Male - 33%
Other - 0% (insert your own joke here)

I know you all so well:
Not met 4%
Met once 2%

Where I know people from:
Former work - 52%
Former church - 35%
Current workplace & current Church - 0% (nice!)
Fellow supporter of by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen - 6%
Met through my parents - 3%
Uni - 1% (Hi Gill!)
School - 1% (Hi Simon!)
Own family - 1% (Hi Charlotte!)
Other - 1% (Hi Pat!)

I'd guess that about 60% of my best friends are now on Facebook, although one of my friends did take the decision to close his account there (which at least got us in touch with each other - I was worried I had offended him!).
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