Thursday, 8 March 2007

A busy week in

Just a quick post as I'm really busy this week. What's more I haven't been anywhere!

On Monday... I can't actually remember what I did on Monday. It seems like a long time ago (not kidding). I remember being up later than I planned to be though - I think Lorraine and I were assembling a list of possible questions for nurseries.

On Tuesday my in-laws were round, so my father-in-law and I found ourselves watching the Liverpool-Barcelona game (well worth it, very enjoyable) while Lorraine and her Mum bathed Chloe (n.b. Chloe wasn't in the bath for ninety minutes, although she would do if she had the choice as she's defintely a water baby). They stayed longer than we expected and then I had a bunch of forms to fill out. Another late one!

Last night Lorraine was out with Lucy for an Orange Wednesday at the cinema, so I was looking after Chloe for the evening. We were having a great time together along with Cookie, until eventually Chloe conked out as she finished her milk and fell asleep beside me on the sofa. With Chloe asleep I took advantage of Sky Sports' interactive coverage of the Champions League to flick between three games (Manchester United-Lille, Arsenal-PSV and A.C. Milan-Celtic). And there were still things to do when Lorraine got home - arrrrggghhhh!

Lorraine's working tonight so it's another evening with Chloe and getting very little done at home. My to-do list is getting longer, not shorter. I'm not particularly happy about it.

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