Wednesday, 10 December 2003

A late addition to the Christmas list

This week I've been starting work at 9.30am. The problem has been that Lorraine has been starting at 7.30am, and as a result I've been getting into Glasgow at about 8.15am (there's nowt to do in Motherwell before 9am, so you're best off commuting on one of the really early, quiet trains).

Reverting to old habits I've been in Borders for opening time, and have taken myself up to the second floor. On Monday I found out that their sports department has multiple copies of "Moneyball" by Michael Lewis in stock. I picked up a copy and started flicking through it. It was hard to put it down!

It looks at the Oakland Athletics and how they go about their Baseball business. It reads very easily and if you like Baseball (like moi) it is absolutely compelling.

Hinting over!
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