Saturday, 20 December 2003

Random notes on a Saturday night

Just a few notes for the time being.
  • As we speak it is the Pop Idol final. I like Mark, Lorraine likes Michelle - at least one of us wins!
  • Both Lorraine and I had our Christmas work "do" yesterday. Lorraine got in from her night out just before 1am, I got back from my lunch at 8.30pm (yes, it was a lunch). Nothing too dramatic or funny happened this year, just one instance of someone referring to their George Foreman grill as a "George Formby".
  • Palace's game with Reading has just finished, with Palace winning 3-0. The game was live on Sky, and when Andy Johnson scored Palace's first goal I let out an enormous shout of "Yes!" Unfortunately Cookie was alongside me on the sofa at the time, and he got a bit frightened. I gave him enough of a fuss to earn forgiveness, but when I slid onto the floor to celebrate Wayne Routledge scoring the second Cookie also went onto the floor, not to return! Oops...
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