Monday, 8 December 2003

Not the best weekend

Well, on a sporting front anyway. Palace lost 4-1 at Preston on Saturday, and then the Dolphins lost in New England last night (a result which locked up the AFC East for the Patriots). I have to say that at about 11pm last night I was kicking an empty bottle of Diet Coke around the kitchen. I wasn't happy.

Why do all my teams have to become utterly useless? In two games last week the Ducks (yes, the Stanley Cup Finalists of six months ago) conceded thirteen goals in two games. Just when I didn't think it could get any worse I read that the Braves will be cutting their payroll for the upcoming season. Great.

It didn't even feel that I had an especially productive weekend doing anything. At least Lorraine enjoyed herself - she visited Ibrox last night for the first time, and Rangers beat Dundee United 2-1.

On the bright side Neil is coming up for the weekend on Friday. And I heard the Lightning Seeds' song "Marvellous" on the radio for the first time in years last night. I'm tempted to make it my theme song for next year:

"Things could be marvellous,
Things could be fabulous... soon."

Good song on a bad day.

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